Monday, September 26, 2011

Pesan buat Mak Cik Nenek Kebayan.. XD

Can u see that BULAT cake?? Uuuuu, seducing glerrrrr........... Perghhhh...

 Anyway, it is specially for my BULATTTTT who turns 71 years n 7 months today!!!! 
Yihaaaaaa, u rock nenek kebayan! Hehehe.. Upsi, 17 taun laaaa.. 

Mak cik, mek balit kuching cia mek ice cream mint chip!! Mok mcm atas ya juak!! Hahahah.. Hamboooi, sapa pun bdate sbnanya tok?? Hihihi..

Anyway, post tok utk mngingatkn mak cik yg mak cik dh makin tUa, so mak cik msti byk2 cia sy sbb sy ctok...huhu...isk2...sobsob (smbil lap aik mata gna ujung tud0ng) posa jak keja.. 'Pihak yg mnaja pngjian' sy xbrik2 gik duit koh, n as u know I won't call my parents n pdh "MAK, BAPAK, MINTAK DUIT!!" Hahaha.. Adeshhhh, nguras sy tok eh.

Ok, ok.. Makin ari, mak cik makin tua n makin dkt ngn SPM. So mak cik knak prepare shbis2 nya k.. Mak cik jg drik bna2, lintas jln tgga kirik kanak depan blkg lok.. Mklumlaaa, mun bkn org mlggar mak cik, mak cik sndrik yg akn mlggar tiang pa suma. Batu kcik dtepi jeraya ya jgn dbuat xlalek. Arum bulak bleh tlecok ntam nya.. (yah, kuar dh bhsa srwk kuuu...hihihi) Mun sakit ya, mak cik pnde2 laa pk pa nk buat. Mun mak cik buat xlalek pun, mak cik sndrik yg merasa. Lgpun mak cik dh tua, so pnde2 laa fikir sndrik baik buruk consequences nya. Kmk tok mrik nsihat jk ji. Yg merasa ktk.. Wookeh??

All da best Mak Aji!! Jgn jd mcm kmk, blja lasmnit kelam kabut. Jd laa better dr kmk ok!! =D
Lap u ntil shining2 mak cik!! Umo pnjg kta jmpa gik, InsyaAllah.. *hug smpe smput*


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dah byr HUTANG

Alhamdulillah!! Dah bayar!! 
Terlangsainya hutang!! Ngehngehngeh...

Paid the same amount as last year.. Not 1, not 2, even not 3, but 9. Relieved, satisfied n happy!! Wondering wad am I craping about??
I paid all my qada puasa oredy!! Hehehe.. Alhamdulillah!!

Orite, today JPKCA held Senam Robik n line dance session at Dewan Akasia, specially for girls onlyyyy..  Since it has been so long since I last exercise 'properly', so I joined the event. As expected, it was awesome!! The moves taught by the instructors r fast n catchy, sooooooo I really MOVED my bodaaayyyyyy... Hahahaha.. Taught bout how to stretch correctly n dangerous steps usually done when warming up.

Just to share, NEVER spin ur hind-head (tengkuk), waist, knee n ur ankle while stretching. It is DANGEROUS as it can cause mislocation of ur joints. Instead, just push ur head upwards, to the side n downward, gently, as long as u can feel the muscle is stretching oredy. For ur waist, just do the depan-blakang-kiri-kanan move.. Aishhh, how to xplain? Ermmmm, pnde2 laaa imagine..  Ur knee, stand with ur both legs apart, den bend down a bit n stay for 15 seconds. N lastly for ur ankle, just do the front-back-kiri-kanan move.. Again, please imagine urself.. For further info, google cn help u.. Hihihi

At the end of the event, we had cabutan btuah n mkn2.. Alhamdulillah,, I got one of the presents!! *^ ^*

From UiTM
Dis week was tiring, stayed at INTEC until 6pm evryday, club meetings, class replacements plus i was fasting.. So, STRESS n tiredness filled the air.. Hold a position in PEERS club n PSCUH (silat). New responsibilities on my shoulders.. May Allah guide me all the way, Aminn.. =))

*Sapa mdh org tdung labuh xpat enjoy, huh?!! Islam itu indah... There's lots of way to b happy=))* 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lembaran baru


Salam.. How's life? Hope evrythin is jus fine n under cntrol. May Allah make our way easier, InsyaAllah.. For those who's going to take their test or exam, all da best!! Pic above is my broadband's line statistic n as u can see, it is freaking effing S-L-O-W!! Act, i've exceed my quota for this month, so0o0o.... a bit 'mcabar keimanan' to on9.. Anyway, let's proceed to wad i want to share bout last weekend n this week..

Joined The Mystery of Raya, an explorace held by JPKCA, last Sunday in conjunction of our i-raya clbration. Me n 5 other friends rpresent ALM junior. Alhamdulillah, it was fun n i really enjoyed myself. Result will b announced at the night, during Jamuan  Rumah Tbuka..

Bju raya.. Shawl dr plstik youuu.. Mana nk cari tuee..
My AWESOME grup members!!
During the jamuan.. GILER RAMAI ORG!!
Alhamdulillah menang tmpat ketiga.. Yg pnting, enjoyyy!!
N today, hhmm....break my fast at Pak Li Kopitiam, with Azreen n Fiona. Had Nasi Ayam Lemon n Milo ice.. Then me n Fiona lawan siapa cepat habis minum aik.. Hahaha..

Tgk muka nyatok pun dah tauk sapa menang rite.. huh!
N me.....sabor jer laaa nahan brainfreeze

Anyway, as my closest friends know, I was once Maher Zain's songs fan.. I even can memorise all his songs n seriously I love his songs for their meaning, not bcoz of himself though he's undeniable good looking.. Ok, wad ever it is, I found his new song feat Irfan Makki, I believe..  Enjoy!!

Yes I believe.. Evrything happens for a reason.. N Allah Maha Bijaksana, He planned evrything nicely n we as His servants should b thankful.. Syukur Alhamdulillah..  Just b positive. There must b reason y we suddenly realised bout sumting now, today, but not before.. Whenever, wadever, whoever we were, we did before, just accept it n now, find ways to b a better prson.. Don care bout wad people might say or think, it's us who's gonna b responsible for wad we're doing.. May Allah forgive us n guide us all the way, Aminn..


Monday, September 12, 2011

Half a year =,))

Blueberry cheese cake! Yumm..yumm..yummyyyyyy!! Remember the moment when I ate it lastime, 6 months ago with beloved ones.. Hhmmmmm.... Time flies so fast, that i don even realise I'm 6 MONTHS OREDY!! Happy 6th Month Birhdate day dr.ikha!! =,)) Syukur Alhamdulillah for who I am today, for my fmily, for my friends, for evryone around me, n of course for people who loves me!! Syukur Alhamdulillah..

However, sumtin seems to b missing.. Sumone who never fail to wish me evrymonth did not wish me today.. Mayb she forgot.. or are u still mad at me? I'm so sorry dear =,( I'm so sorry..

*Break my fast with a bowl of asam laksa maggi.. Hasbi rabbi jallallah. Alhamdulillah =)*

Prank on a vampire!!

A vampire was born.. n me n clssmate did sumtin to clbrate that date!
We prepared a cake..

  A bag of flour..


Happy bday Cullen@Najwa!!
Flour n a pail of u-never-want-to-know-the-content solution.. Hahaha
Cullen@Najwa is my clssmates n Kautsar n Emma, the mastermind of this plan invited me to join them, clbrate Cullen's bday as how they used to. As for me, it was my 1st time playing prank on people, so I'm a bit worried yet excited! So here's some pic for that day..

Aik?? Sapa bday girl sbnanya?? Hahaha

Side dishes bsides cake.. We had 4 boxes of pizza that day!!

Salam.. =D
*Despite very excited, I don't even throw flour to Cullen.. Xsmpai hati dehh..*

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

sMILing in l0ve

Had a wide smile on my face today!! Guess wad! Received yterday's presentation evaluation sheet. I just cant believe my eyes!! HEHEHE..

Sorry for the unclear pic, I was not supposed to take pic of it n it was snapped hurriedly.. Soooo.... Can u spot any great thing bout this sheet??!! Hihihi..

Wad bout this!! =))











Syukur Alhamdulillah!! Even me myself didn't expect that high! I'm blogging this not to brag around bout my marks, i jus wanna share my happiness!! Thank u Allah, Thank u Mdm!!

Btw, analysed my academic calendar just now.. Hhmmm, seriously no more play2.. Semester EXAM is coming!!

The one strikethrough has nothing to do with me. As wad u can see, Academic Session is starting oredy, den I'll hv 12 days of holiday b4 semester exam. I'm thinking of going back home but.......nahh....MEMBAZIR!! Mayb i'll b alone in my dorm for da whole 12 days as evryone else would surely go home. However, Ummi did invite me to come with her to her hometown n clbrate raya korban there.. I'm still thinking n mayb going.. Let's jus wait n see..


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

presenting HOMEsick

Olaaaaa!! Did i tell bout my-untouched-assignments? Well, Alhamdulillah I'm done yterday, 0145 in da morning n Alhamdulillah for i  need no excuse to tell my lecturers as they can be sent in by today.. WIDE SMILE on my face!! Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Anyway, had English presentation *10% will b credited into semester exam* today. It has been so long since I had an evaluated presentation n given marks. The last time was....ermmmm...PUM last year? So, i was like not confident at 1st, but Alhamdulillah gained the confidence when standing in front, getting the supports from my friends n my mouth just blurted out evrything rite after getting the signal from my lecturer. Alhamdulillah, not nervous, able to make it formally yet enjoyable, n most importantly, not missing any idea or 'ermm..' ing while presenting.. Syukur Alhamdulillah =)

Homesick is getting less.. Though sumtimes i feel like crying remembering family n friends, tears are welling, but Alhamdulillah they didn't drip off. Alhamdulillah I'm still strong enough to restrict tears n motivate myself.. I'm not going to pamper myself!! Anak manjak!!

Gonna sleep early tonite as I slept at 2.30am last night, finishing, editing n prctising for my presentation.. Lack of rest is not good for ur brain. Hahaha.. Nite evryone!!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another farewell.. =,((

 Anak manjak!!

Yes I admit I am! Huhu.. So, here I am blogging from my 12days-left-unoccupied-room at Kolej Akasia, getting ready for lctures starting tomoro.. 

Anyway, my raya was awesome, seeing faces that I missed a lot, seeing new members in our big family, knowing new people, doing new thing, new clothes, new bla bla bla.. Alhamdulillah=) 

Had the worst flight ever today as KL was cloudy. Wadever it is, Alhamdulillah i've arrive  here.safely. Took direct taxi from LCCT to my college which cost me n my friend RM 64.80.!!

Anyway, happy raya to all who're still 'able' to clebrate it.. especially with ur family.. Distance really teach us about sacrification n appreciation. Hv to sacrifice our raya n appreciate people more..

The Yusupians.. 1st Syawal =)

*menyesal for not taking many pics.. Hhmmm, gmbar jln ngn geng leh tgk kt blog spekah =)*