Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Igt lelaki jer boleh pasang 4??

Hahahaha... Tajuk xbleh blah!! Hehehe..
Huhu.. sdehnyerrrr... Hhmmmmmm, yup tomoro hv to go back to Shah Alam n get ready to face the final. xraya kt kchg ka? Huhu, x.. Sbb ikut roomate, Ummi raya kt Kedah, InsyaAllah..

Anyway, since today is my last day at Kchg *for this week*, went out with two of my scandalssss.. Hahaha!! xpcaya?? Mungkinkah?? Kihkihkih... Malangnya, YUP SAYA ADA BYK SKANDAL! Sila jgn tnganga..

Evryone knows I hv so-called sumone special (bkn boyfren okayhhh!!)... But the other side of me hv 4 other love ones, n seriously I CANT FORGET THEM.. It's just that I've been loving them n love them to0o0o much oredy..

Orite, the 1st n 2nd one are siblings.. Sila tutup mulut anda yg tnganga..  tero0k gler kan? This 2 guys r awesome n unreplaceable.. Yup, they hurt me so0o many times n many ways oredy. tp, ermmm....our love are just to0o strong perhaps? =)) Went out with both of them today. i mean BOTH, at the same time.. hihihi.. Don worry, they wont fight bcoz of me, coz they love me to0o0 strong.. kihkihkih

3rd one is, ermmm...working oredy, so0o gler. Don really hv time for me. N he has his own special one oredy.. But, kahkahkah...he loves me much more.. I'm just to0o special rite? =P

N the last one, the one I love the most n the one I cant live without, a husband of a wife. WADDD??? Alaaa, ilek arrr... xkn rosakkn rmh tgga org pun.. He has been supporting me all this while. He fulfills evrytin i need n he understands my needs. Evndo he has his fmily to take care of, he never neglect me.. That's y i love him so0o0 much, in fact.....much more than i could love myself...  Aaaaa, I'm sooo in love!!

Wanna see my scandalssss?? Hehehe..





1st n 2nd one.. Nasrullah bin Yusup n Fakhrullah bin Yusup
Love them so0o0 much!!
3rd one, Shah Rezza bin Yusup
Sudah ada yg punya..
But still, i love him so0o much
N lastly the 4th one, Yusup bin Bujang n his lovely wife
Who happens to b my parents=))

Soo0o0?? Hahaha... I hv 4 scandalssss, tp InsyaAllah setia pd yg satu.. Hhmm...

Btw, I'm not bringing my laptop back to Shah Alam, so i might not blog until I come bck to Kchg, InsyaAllah.. Do miss me k =))  Evryone, ALL THE BEST FOR EXAM!! Do your very best!! Aja2 fighting!!