Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love,..... xoxo

Done with heartstring, i dont dare to start with any new korean drama now as i've not open any book yettttttttttttttttt!!! But, i need sumting to watch while mlipat the laundry.. So, watched Love Nora just now, a Malay movie, which was on air in astro@ria last raya. I noe i'm late but, huhu.... i didn't really watch tv last raya =,(

Love Nora is about...hhmmm, how can i say.. Let's just say it as prototype of P.S I Love U. The storyline is quite similar with just twist n turn sumwhere, n rather than the man/hero/husband died in PS I Love U, it's the woman/heroin/wife who died in Love Nora. *sound not so rite.. hhmm.. MY ENGLISH is getting worst!!*

Okai.. 've been spending the holidays awesomely n superbly, Alhamdulillah with awesome family, superb friends=) Thanksssssss evryone!! Gonna tell bout it later, InsyaAllah..
With few weeks left, i would surely plan sumting new, InsyaAllah.. Let's wait n see =))


Monday, December 12, 2011

Bila bibir naik ke tlinga..

Arinie nk ckp ckit jer.. Alhamdulillah, thnk u Allah=)

Yes, kamu Mak Cik yg Bo0lat..
You're the best prize in my heart =,)

Salam.... =))

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kertasku bkn kertas biasa..

Mcm lamak gler xupdate blog kan?? Hhhmm, nk ckp psl ape erk?

Orite.. Few days b4 i come back home to Kchg, i've been busy for the final n of course packing.. Nk djadikn cerita, there's a book, a diary to b exct, where I kept all my receipts or any piece of paper that proved i bought sumting. Took every single receipts that i slipped between the pages n I was stunned!! Hahaha!!

Guess wad, I never realised i'd spent sooo much for the whole 4 month *approximately* in Shah Alam!! Here's the picturesssssss..

Tsusun dgn elok nya.. hahaha
N most of my things were bought from Mydin *of course -_________-*, My One Shop, Giant..

N to pay all those things i bought, here's the price... Herghhhhhh

Byk sio0o0otttt duit eden bwk kluar weiiii.. Okaii, mcm biasa time2 cuti jd bibik kt rmh, 2 bakul bju mnggu nk dlipat -.-