Sunday, February 17, 2013

Laksa Sarawak for BEGINNER =P

 Hooollllaaaaa =)

from Blog Kak Dayang Jack
This would be the best view of Laksa Sarawak
This is quite late, but I'll just post it as tomorrow, my class will resume and I might hv no other free time..huhu
So here it is, Laksa Sarawak for beginner =) Like seriously, making it is not that hard as what u might ever see in television ads. All u need is Laksa Sarawak paste, evaporated milk or coconut milk, sugar and salt for the 'kuah' , eaten with bihun, shredded chicken, scrambled egg and prawns =)

This is the simplest recipe, so for those who would want to try sumting more advance, you can check it out here Blog Kak Dayang Jack or any other blogs. 

Leni's Laksa Sarawak paste
Specially bought n brought from Kuching Sarawak!!
Susu cair, guna 1 tin pun cukup
Telur ayam
Skin peeled off-prawns
1st thing first, soak ur bihun in cold water. U can directly boil them, but since I prepared them in my lacking of cooking utensils-hostel, I soak them in cold water 1st then rinsed the water off before soaking them another time into boiling water.

1 bungkus bihun
Then, we need chicken stock. So, boil ur washed-chickens in about 1.5 liter of water. Then take them out, n let them cool down before u can start shredding them in small pieces.

Boiled-chicken breasts
Use the same chicken stock to make ur kuah. So just pour in the laksa paste into it and wait till it get blup3 boiling =))
Then add in the evaporated milk little by little , make sure u taste the kuah also. Here, u can add in salt n sugar to balance the flavour. Den kacau smpai sebati gituuu.. hahaha..

At the time being, u can start boiling/blanching ur prawns till they turn reddish white. N shred the chickens, fry scrambled egg n cut them into small pieces.

As a student, this is all I could afford to buy..huahua..
Shredded chicken breasts, ignore the look =P
Scrambled egg..again, ignore the look. Im lacking of the right utensils =P
N ep, ep! Dont just leave ur kuah! Stir them evrytime n keep balancing the taste =)

Macam dh siap dh tu! Nyum3
Bila dh siap, masukkn laa bihun dalam mangkuk, hias dngn ayam, udang, telur sbanyak n scantik yg mungkin.
Tuang kuah smpaiiiiiiiii banjirrrrr..hoho 

N here's mine =)

Muka xpyah nk bangga sgt kot
As a Sarawakian, proudly to say this is my very first time to make the laksa all by my own self. *My friends cuma smpat tlg racik ayam n MAKAN..hihi.. *  So, that's it. Im sorry for any mistake or unclear steps in this post. Im just a beginner, InsyaAllah I'll try to improve more next time =)


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Welcoming February..

Assalamualaikum people =)
How's ur day? N how's ur start of February?

As for me, Alhamdulillah I had an awesome start of February, ytrday 1/2/13 *nice date huh..* Planned at the very last minute, me n 4 of my friends, Ema, Ummi, Cullen n Tikah decided to go to Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam (TBNSA) also known as Bukit Cerakah, which is situated about 15minutes-journey from our college. As early as 7am, we had our breakfast and off to Bukit Cerakah by car *borrowed from a fren*.

TBNSA is opened to public at 830am-430 pm. As we reached there quite early, we killed some time by taking pictures..hihi.. As soon as the gate is opened, we walked straight to the counter and paid RM3 for entrance and RM5 for entrance to Rumah 4 Musim.

TBNSA is just too wide, so we rent bicycles for 3 hours which cost us another RM7 each*RM5 for the 1st hour, addition of RM1 for the next 1 hour* 

Going up n down the hills, I would surely recommend u to always b prepared of having cramped muscles n being really tired! Hahaha.. So after going to Rumah 4 Musim, we went to the other side of TBNSA where Skytrex is situated but sadly, due to time constriction, we're not able to join the activities. Mayb next time InsyaAllah.. So, here's some pictures =) *There's a lot SERIOUSLY, n not arranged accordingly, sorry..*

Hahaha..This bus is only for display, but we get on it n took some pics =P


We managed to see a horse n TOUCHED HIM!!

At swimming pools..

Hati2 sbb lantai sgt licin.. 2 budak ni jatuh tjelepuk kot..

These are real ice!!

Our  rent-bicycles =)

Entrance to Skytrex

Make ur own iceball!!

pondok basikal


The tired us.. Make sure u bring enough drinking water!

N of course, we had a terrible night that day, cramped legs..hahaha..but it sure is a sweet experience!