Sunday, January 29, 2012

mERah dARahhhhh..

Ok, dis is old story.. BUT STILL!! Ikut sy punya sukaaa laaa=P don want to read, yeahhh u see that red icon at the top-right end, wit 'X' sign on it? Click on it n say, BUHBYE!! Muahahaha..

Okai, last week, rite b4 the CNY holiday starts, there were blood donation evnt n No Smoking campaign held in INTEC. Sadly (still!!) not qualified for blood donation * under weight.. huhu =(( * So, i volunteered myself, muahahaha..*mcm laaa ada org sruh* to take my classmates' pics who donated blood dat day. I was soooooo excited to see millions on pints of blood evrywhere!! muahahaha..

Masalahnyaa.....ikha XELIGIBLE lagi laaa Kautsar =((

Tikah, Kautsar *hhmm, pompuan nie lg=P hahaha* n yEmmaa..

Woow, Cullen..kusyuk gler isik borg =P
Since I'm not donating, I spent some time at No Smoking cmpaign area n left my mark on a banner opened for evryone. Joined 'Count how many things in this thing' thingiii also.. hahaha, n even made a poster together with Kautsar =)).

Dat's mine! hihi

Owh, dis is not mine.. Done by one of famous doodler in intec.
Interesting rite?

Hihihi.. Randomly putting any no on the form..
Then I made my way secretly into donating room *ngehngehngeh* n snapped pics of almost evryone ( n almost evryone in there handed me their fon, asking me to take pic of them -.- hahaha..) but it's okay! Love blooddddd ^^

The team was from UM

1st hv to check ur body fitness, den check ur blood type..

My friendsssss!!

Muka bhgia dpt mderma =)
Owh, inilah antara hasil krja budak intec =)
Yg mine n kautsar punya, tuuuu No Smoking oren ijau
Cullen punye sblh..
Okai, gonna update more bout the holidays later..InsyaAllah. Sorry for the last update, faced some intenet cnnection problem. 
Will b back to class tomoro..hurmm..hihi


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Olaaaa=) Dr.ikha is back, Alhamdulillah with cheerful me, happy no-laki-yet-but-InsyaAllah-will!! Muahahaha XD!! Back to the topic, yeahhhhh ganassss! I love ganassss=P Pa tuhhhhh..

Official uniform of  Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi
okai2, like usual had my silat class last friday nite. Took bout 5 buah, perghhhh.. We're in jatuh-phase now where we learned how to tangkis n 'jatuhkn' ur opponent. So i hv to jatuhkn my partner n of course my partner also hv to jatuhkn me rite.. (sound not so rite here.. hhmmm..)

While prctising, I had a bad landing n accidently landed on my the bck of my elbow.. how to say? Imagine my whole body weight was on that small spot!! so had a quite terrifying bruise n they got more TERRIFYING day after day!! Alhamdulillah for not having any frctured bone o_0 Hahaha.. But don worry, me is strong InsyaAllah=))

Gonna hv CNY holiday next week for 9 days but sadly not going home. Housemates n most of my frens all are going home. So left me alone here.. =,( huhu.. planned to visit my sis at Johor but that girl haaaaa...very the bz, so cancelled=(( Hmmmm...let jus wait n see..

*had a long conversation with Syerah n my sis on da phone.. waaaaa, me is sooooooo missing themmmmm!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This day..

It's 12th of January today=,)

It has been so long since i last posted bout this date=(
Anyway, Happy 10th birthdate day dr.ikha! Stay strong to face Allah's test..
La yukallifullah hunafsan ila wus a'ha =,((
Aishhhhh, shouldn't clbrate it with this kind of feeling...huhu....

Owh, Happy 19th birthday to my clssmate, Shakirah Zaharudin. My life in INTEC has been superbly awesome by knowing sumone as awesome as u!! =))

*sorry for not able to upload other pics.. The line connection is making me crazehhhhhhh >_<!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let the show BEGINNNNSSS!!

Olaaaa!! Happy new year evryone!! How's ur holiday? Awesome? Great? or boring or dull.. Mine? AWESOME!! In fact, SUPERBLY AWESOME FANTASTIC FABULOUS!! Mantap!! Alhamdulilah=))

Well, new year begins n new life begins here, back in INTEC, continuing my 2nd semester =) starting tomorrow, InsyaAllah.. Anyway, been here ysterday for college rgistration. Hv to leave my most-comfortable-own by ONLY ME-spacious bed for maybe 5 months since i plan to come back home only after the end of this sem, InsyaAllah=,(

My paradise yg xpnah gagal mggoda sy utk tidooooo =P
Aim for this year?? Hoho! Nak gumuk kn badan!! Hahahahaha.. So, b4 going for dinner last nite, i weighed myself. N guess wad?? TURUN BERAT LAGI LAAAA BROOOOOO!! Ya baruk brapa jam ninggal Kuching, alu turun berat! Ya laaa sy lemahhhh koh -.-

Ate my dinner at Pak Li Kopitiam with Ummi, Nora n of course my mak cik Azreen=P Hihi..

Mee Udang and Iced Milo
After dinner, went to CIMB Bank to bank in my money given by Mum in the morning.. *kerching2* Really hv to manage my money wisely this time.. Semester 1 taught me soooooo much in dealing with money.. Imagine, the money is all urssssssss, n u're free to buy anything dat u want, u've dream for so longggg.. Den u buy, buy, buy n buyyyyy as much as u want. Den suddenly u realise...u left nothing! Huuuuuuu o_0 Money is scaryyyyy..

Anyway, went to Pasar Malam also. Bought aik kdondong *hahaha* n Ummi bought Putu Bambu, sumting interesting as it is hardly to b found.. Stuffed coconut with gula perang in da middle, cooked over hot steam. Nice!!
The making of putu bambu
Putu Bambu =) Yummyyyy..
N today, *at last* Meera check-in  in our house!! Hahahaha.. She bought me, Ummi n Nora 2 pairs of footlet@socks exclusively from LONDON for each one of us!! n it is superblyyyyyyy CUTE!! Hohoho.. Thanks Meera..

Comel xkaki syeeeeeee?? Hoho..

Okay.. Gonna stop now. I'm craving for food, i'm hungggrrrryyyyyy!! Anyway, Happy 19th Birthday to Kak Ani Zarini bt Abg Ahmad Ridzuan!! May Allah bless u=)