Monday, January 28, 2013

Hidup ke x hidup

Assalamualaikum people.. Hallooo, hallooo halooo =) Howdy ya?? Mammmmmmmma miaaaaaaaa..miss dr.ikha? kihkihkih.. Haishhh *ish3*  mmg che' suka naa biaq blog bdebu (chehhhh, bajet ramai org bc lerrr tu =P tettttttttttttttt..) 

Okai, so today is Monday, today is holiday, today is Thaipusam, so Happy Thaipusam to those who's celebrating.. Well, this week is gonna b ALMOST holiday to INTEC-ians for there will b some sort of conference for the lecturers on Wednesday till Friday. Thus, after tomorrow's class, we're on holiday till next Sunday... *weeeeeeee!!* buuuuuuuurrrrrttttttttttttttt!!

WAIT, Im not happy actually =( Why ohhh why dear dr.ikha?? Yeah it's true dat I can wake up late, sleep also late, eat anytime I want, xmndi pun xpe =P *hahaha*, but ALevel Trial Exam is just around the corner n we're not even finished with the syllabus =( What more to start with revision or latih tubi..  Mak aiiiii, nervous glerrr o_O

I can read n study by myself at home InsyaAllah, but I also need lecturers to explain to understand better. N internet, laptops, fb, twitter, youtube, FOOD *just name it all!!* evrything has never fail to seduce me to not entertain my books =( I am seriously in DANGER! 

Btw, Alhamdulillah Im healthy oredy, may my immune system is getting stronger than ever InsyaAllah Aminn.. Gaining weight is still a problem for me, but dont worry, I always hv my meals more than enough evryday..hikhik..So just pray the best for me =)

Owh, I would love to share one of my actvties lately.. Im OBSESSED with online shopping =DDD!! It's like, u just go through things that u love n catch ur eyes on the internet, then u click "add to cart", then u make payment JUST BY CLICKING another few icons then u just wait for the parcels to arrive and the things are YOURS! U no need to waste ur time to go to the market, no need to withdraw money from the atm n most of the things are far more cheaper!! *kechiiinggg kechiiingggg* Seriously, this thing is dangerous coz u'll keep on buying n clicking n buying without realising ur money is DECREASING! Hahahaha.. One advice, make sure u can trust the account 1st okayh! =)

Okai, got to go.. Till we meet again InsyaAllah..

Salam.. =))