Monday, October 31, 2011


Enjoy this short sweet cartoon video with song from devotees, Kekasih..

Will this ever happen? 
Ya Allah, peliharalah hati kami Ya Allah =,(

Kekasih - Devotees

Kasih telah terbina sebuah mahligai
Menjadi tanda agungnya cinta kita
Kasih telah kubinakan sebuah istana
Menjadi tanda cinta sejati

Megah menghiasi taman kasih kita
Dan diringi haruman firdausi
Dikaulah permaisuri di hati suami
Penyejuk mata penenang di hati

Tapi angin yang mendatang
Bagaikan badai yang melanda
Kau pergi dulu tanpa menunggu ku
Kerna takdir ku relakan jua

Kekasih akan ku pahatkan doa ku
Di dalam lena dan jua jagaku
Kekasih akan ku sirami pusaramu
Dengan cinta sejati

Andai takdir kita bersama lagi
Ku ingin hidup bahgia bersama mu


Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'M H0ME!!

Yaaaaaaa!! Alhamdulillah i've landed safely in my hometown Kuching just an hour ago, 1130pm.. Hihihi... Dashaaaaaaat gilerrrr ikha, snggup blik kejap wooooo!! Only for 5 days.. Hhmm, yes i noe people would think  it is just a waste, but HEY!! I seriously need to recharge my spirit to face the coming final exam.. n of course i need my fmily! 

Did the last minute decision n bought tickets on last Monday n most importantly APPROVED by my dad n he dont even mind =)) Thanks dad!! Love u soooooooo much!!

But this 5 days is for me to do my revision, afterall it's the study leave.. So, MIGHT NOT going out anywhere.. need to sleep now.. Jet lag is killing me....erghhhhhhhhh 


Monday, October 24, 2011

Can I go home? =(

Errrmmm, is it too late if i'm thinking of coming bck home during the study leave? Is it too much if i go bck home just for around 5 days then coming bck to intec then coming back home AGAIN after 2weeks??


I'm not feeling quite well, u noe it's exam time... n yup I'm ALWAYS like this =,((
I just wanna b with my mum=,((
Looked for cheap tickets oredy but don hv the gut to tell my dad.. Mum, i wanna go home!!

*Please pray for my wellness, pray for my strength. May i'm able to endure this, Aminn*

Monday, October 17, 2011


Salam.... Hurmmm, ngntok gl0o0r nih.. Wad am I doing at dis late hour?? Hmmm... Alhamdulillah received my scholarship money already.. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. Was so0o happy as I hv no need to ask money from my parents anymore, hope I can reduce their burdens.. Syukur Alhamdulillah=,)

Went SHOPPING with Atikah n Munirah.. Hehehe.. Window shopping gler2.. Fuhhh, puas!! Ronda2 SACC Mall, redeemed my laptop battery, borong bag n earrings at Bonita. Had lunch at Station Kopitiam in Plaza Alam Sentral. Ronda2 some more, bought accesories for my laptop, den to PKNS, bought new clothes.. Hihihi.. 

Munirah, gonna hv her physics test tomoro..
So, while waiting for our food, kite study dulu ekk=)

Yg ini memang budak medic, NERD sungguh!!
Mana2 msti bwk buku=P

My lunch.. Chicken Chop. Yum yum..
The end products of the day.. Byk glerrrrr
New earrings!! Nice??
'N' for me n ?? *^ ^*
Den, while waiting for Maghrib, Nora did cuddles for her demonstrating speech.. So, I sat with her n start to design mine.. But instead of cuddles, I made a keychain..

Cantekkk x?? Hihihi.. 

Hari ni bhgia gler, syukur Alhamdulillah.. Sbb ape?? Sbb.... hmm.... my mum called me (evndo she called me almost evryday), did wad i'd miss so much, called my mak cik beaah yg sgt drindui *kihkihkih* n ermmm... i noe, sy sgt mnyayangi seseorg dgn spno0h hati.. Smoga Allah mjaga hati2 kami, Aminn =,)


Sunday, October 9, 2011

SoaLan Bangang Yg Buat Org Bengang !!

I'd like to share wad i read yterday with my housemates n we really laughed our heart reading this thing. Got it from 12M7 class page on fb. No changes r made, so ermm...sorry for the 'bhsa yg kurang indah'..

SoaLan Bangang Yg Buat Org Bengang !!

1)bile org npk ko baring tutup mate
s: ko tidur ke?
j: tak la, aku training mcm mane nk mati nnt.

2) Imagine ko bwk tv ko yg rosak jmpe technician suro repair,die msti tnye gak:
s: nk repair tv ke?
j: tak la, aku bosan! so sje aku bwk tv ni jln2.

3) time ko bgun tido,terus si bodo tnye ko:
s: ko da bangun?
j: ish, aku tgh tdo smbil jln la bodo~

4)kwn ko call phone umah ko:
s: mne ko?
j: sini,kt bus stop!!!

5)diorg nmpk ko kuar dr bilik mandi basah2:
s: ko bru mandi ke?
j: mana ade, aku jatuh dlm lubang jmban td!

6)ko di dlm toilet,pintu berkunci,ade gk org ketuk pintu n tnye:
s: ada org x?
j: (*suare kiut) mne ade org!! taik yg bercakap ni!!!
bikin panas itu..haha.

Hahaha... So, b4 asking a question, better think twice k.. Nnti xpsl2, makan kaki.. Jaga2 naa..
Salam... =))

Brain Teaser for the day =))

Dr.ikha's back! Heheh.. Done with Chem Test 2 last friday n again feels like fininshing the whole A-Level. Hahaaha... Balik dorm trus on9, mkn spuas hati, tgk movie.. Peeerghhhhh... Rilex gler (pdhal mggu dpn ada lg Writing Test 3 n nak prepare utk Demonstrative speech...huhu.. ) Ok2, takperrr..

Had KoPLN (Kokurikulum Pelajar Luar Negara) meeting last Wednesday, did some Brain Teaser. Let's share some of them, answers are included but u hv to highlight to see them.. Try to answer 1st b4 u see the answers k.. Answer, answers, answer first b4 see the answers?? Wad am I crapping here.... Aishhh, proceed!

Do u think u think deeply enough?? 
Try Brain Teaser. Get ur brain teased!!

1. If u hv only 1 match n u walked into a room where there was an oil burner, a kerosene lamp n a wood burning stove, which one would u light 1st?
The match. Without it, u cant light the others. 

2. Which 2 letters of the alphabet r nothing?
M, T (empty)

3. A doctor gives u 3 pills telling u to take one every half an hour. How long would the pills last?
1 hours. One is taken already n the other should b taken after half an hours, then another half an hour. 

4. What vegetables do u throw away the outside, cook the inside, eat the outside n throw away the inside?

5. A clerk in the butcher shop is 5'10'' tall. What does he weigh?

6. A man n a dog were going down the street. The man rode, yet walked. What was the dog's name?

7. How can u make seven even?
Remove the 's'

8. How many books can u put into an empty bag?
1 book. After putting one book into it, the bag is no longer empty! =)

9. How many time can u subtract 6 from 60?
1 time. After subtracting 6 from 60, it will b no longer 60! =))

10. A woman gives a beggar 50cents. The woman is the beggar's sister, but the beggar is not the woman's brother. How come?
Because the beggar is not a male; the beggar is the woman's sister.

11. Is it legal for a man in California to marry his widow's sister? Why?
No. Because he's dead already, that's y his wife is a widow.

12. What is neither inside a house nor outside a house, but no house would b complete without it?
Doors or windows

14. Divide 30 by 1/2 n add 10. What's the answer?
30/ 0.5 = 70!

15. What is pronounce like 1 letter, written with 3 letters n belongs to all animals n human? 

16. What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time n space, beginning of every end n the end of every race?
The letter 'e'

17. If there are 3 apples, u take away 2, how many do u hv?
2 apples

18. What question can u never answer 'yes' to?
"Are u asleep?''

19. When is longhand quicker than shorthand?
In the clock

20. What is boiled, then cooled, sweetened then soured?
Ice lemon tea!!

Alright, thats all!! Hehehe.. There's some more but I guess the above r enough rite.. Got ur brain teased?? =))


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

lovE of bI0Logy

Structure of Glysine and alamine

Olaaaa!!Perghhhhh...happy gler dpt on9.. Yeaaahh, as told in my last post, had my Bio Test 2 this week, I mean TODAY n trust me, finishing Bio test feels like finishing the whole A-Level Test!! Chewahhh....over giler gituu.. So, me n my classmates clbrate our 'freedom' rite after getting down the bus, from intec to dorm. 

At last able to fulfil my 'mengidam'... Kihkihkih... Chcolate mint chip for sureeee...

Anyway, thanks a lot to my one n only Bulattt yg sgt bulaaattt.. hihihi.. 7 years being ur fren, ur enemy n ur sis really is a great gift from Allah.. Alhamdulillah.. Remember last year, at Riverside, u remind me back bout wad 4 Okt was all about.. N only able to wish u on 4 Nov instead.. I 'm sorry dear.. But I remember it now!!! Thnk bUlAttt!! Lap u until shining2, so strong until bkilat2.. 

*the glysine n alamine structure is one of da ques asked in the test. Alhamdulillah I drew it the same way, just dat i didn't write specifially the R-group... huhu... will that b given mark??*

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sakit deh..

It really breaks my heart when someone who used to laugh with u n wipe ur tears whenever u're sad, now are gone n bcome the reason we cry.. What if that prson is ur own besfren???

It feels so useless to cry bout it.. But, thinking back bout our great 5 years of being bsfrens, i cn only hope u're happy with ur love one after doing this to me.. As long as u're happy, I'm happy too here..=,( 

Enough bout it.. I'm fine oredy for having Him, Alhamdulillah.. I hv Syerah, I hv Zira, I hv all my friends around me.. 

Btw, i'd like to share bout sumtin i found n actually i wondered y people use 'B*bi' or in nicer word, khinzir to curse people.. N found the reason oredy!! Hehehe.. Anyway, I never curse people okayyyhhhh, though how much my heart hurts.. 

Next week-> Bio Test 2, Chem Test 2, 
Next next week ->Writing Test 3, Charity Run 4-5 km, PSCUH Induction Day
Next next next week -> Statistic Test 2, Demonstrative Speech
Next next next next week ->Deepavali, Study leave
Next next next next next week -> Raya korban

Gotta go n face my books! Salam..