Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nak makan??

Before u proceed with this post, u are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take ur lunch first bcoz u're gonna face LOTS N LOTS N LOOOOTTTSSSSS of fooooood here!! hihi.. Okai.. Let do it!

Mee Udang from Pak Li Kopitiam, n Lemon Juice with Assamboi....

Mee Kolok from ermmm...cnt rmember, obviously not in Srwk
*xsesedap mee kolok Kuching =P*

Blended Iced-Chocolate

Ermmm, Lamb Chop with Rice
Iced tea with honey

Rojak Ayammmmm!!

Rojak from Ar Rafi Bistro

Ladna Kueh Tiaw from Ar Rafi Bistro

Sirap Bandung
Nasi Lemak from Bob's Corner

My fav, Bubur Ayam n Honey Tea with lemon, from Pak Li Kopitiam

Rojak@ Pasemboq from Stall Pak Mat

Sedaaaapppppp!! Cendol Kacang also from Stall Pak Mat

Terbaek!! Laksa Penang also from Stall Pak Mat

Errrmm, Breakfast Set C from Ar Rafi Bistro.. Hahahaha

Special Layered teh tarik from Ar Rafi Bistro

O yeaaahhhh, Bakso n Jus Tembikai from Kafe Keningau

Nasi Ayam Penyet from Ayam Penyet

Also my fav, Nasi Ayam Lemon from Pak Li Kopitiam

Beef Kueh Tiaw  n Iced Milo from Ar Raf Bistro

slurrrrpppp!! Blended Iced Chocolate from Pak Li Kopitiam

Nasi Tomato with ayam masak merah from Pasar Malam
n Jus Kedondong!!

Roti Paper from Ar Rafi Bistro

Ais Kacang Strawberry from Ar Rafi Bistro

Also my fav, Bihun Tomyam yg kawkawkaw glerrrrr from Al Awwal Restaurant
Nasi n Ayam Lemon (my FAV!!) n sayur campur from Kafe Keningau

Fruit Cocktail with Milk, made by n housemates=P

Curry Noodle from Noodles, LCCT

Hahahaha.. Most of the food are only available at Seksyen 18 Shah Alam =) *Wink2* Lastly, while studying, beside milo, or milk or nestum, I enjoy drinking this tea=) Hohohoh..

AHMAD tea!!

Salam =))

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I just love HEELS =))

As a short petite lady, I would always want to look tall n growing up in all-girls school makes me always want to look decent n presentable in evrything i wear, no matter wad occasion or where I'm going.. As Azreen nagged me for letting this blog dusty n rusty *hahaha*, i choosed to share bout my passion in HEELSSSSS..

I was a tomboy girl b4. I wore evrythng that my brothers wore. I never look at heels when buying shoes. I preferred roller shoes for raya rather than girly-strapy-pink heels.. Hahaha.. Dat was me.

I become 'GIRL'
It all started during my form 3, I was getting ready to attend my brother's graduation in UMS, when my father asked my mum to buy me a 'more decent' shoes than my flipflop for the occasion. I WAS FORCED TO BUY A HEELS! Hahaha.. But, a shoes caught my attention n I desperately wanted to buy that shoes! That was the 1st time i fall in love with heels..... haaaaaaihhhh.. =)) My mum was shocked SERIOUSLY =.=, she said "Girls' hormones had just bloomed in me" Hahahaha

Bought 5 years ago
Black baldu heels from VINCCI

*sorry quite dusty =P*
Den, i started to buy more n more heels.. Here's some of da pics =)

Masa awl2 nk pakai heels, beli yg rendah dulu.. Hoho
Brownish gold from Rouge
bought 4 years ago
*cnt b worn anymore =(*

Moved on with wedges, suit rough sporty girl like me *^^*
Bought 4years ago too
Green wedges from Sherron H

During highschool, I only wear heels for dinner or special occasion. After SPM, i trained myself to wear heels daily.. Hahaha.. Gedix glorrr =P

My 1st daily white wedges from Anca, bought 2years ago..
Quite worn out but I just love this wedges!!

This is my special heels =)
Why special? Mayb bcoz of the price, hoho..
I only wear this for special occasion
Up till today, I've only wear it for 2 times =)
Purplish pink heels also from Anca n bought last 2years

As I started using socks now n wanted to cover my whole legs, I bought new wedges for daily use last year =) N i really love dis wedges!! It really rpresent me, i think..hihi.. Simple, yet....errrr, those gold strap makes it look GANAS gituuuu.. Grrrrrr.. hahahahaha.. Brown wedges from Marie Claire=)

Even in Shah Alam, i have one wedges too, with da same design as this but in peach-vintage colour. hihi.. Told u, i cant live without heels *^^*
So, dear future husband, just buy me heels n I'll b happy =)) Hahahahaha

*who doenst want to b tall rite? hhmmm....*