Monday, October 29, 2012


Huishhhhh, wad's up with the title full with hatred and grudge????

Hahaha..breathe in, breathe out, rileks =) Feeling better? Now read my story..

Hv u ever feel SAD when sending people off to somewhere or SAD bcoz u're leaving? 

It's like, for example, last year, i drove my dad to airport as he had to attend some seminar sumwhere n will b back after 2 days. If considered with conscious healthy mind, that's not a big separation n shouldnt b a problem. But I cried ='( I was sooo sad thinking I hv to endure life without my father....for 2 days..hihi..

Last month, I drove ema, cullen n nadrah to KLIA to send their friend who'll b furthering study to Bangalore India. Ok, their fren is no one for me rite, i mean I know her but she's not my friend, not sumone who's close to me, but I DID FEEL SAD TOOO! Seriously! I just hate the word "SEPARATION" ='(

I 1st discover this problem when I was in form 3, when my whole family was at airport to send Along back to Sabah after his 3 months holiday. Since I'd spend the 3 months with him at home, I felt sad when he has to go back to his uni ='( N i cried in front of evryone...huishhhhhhh...maluuuuuu! Bcoz I seldom cry in front of them..teehee..

N the problem goes on with evryone! I even got fever crying sending my sister EVERYTIME she went back to Labuan during matriculation until she furthers her study in Johor. I cant stand that pain so I told my sister, I cant send her to airport anymore bcoz I'll cry n she understands =)

Aishhh...crying is a pain, holding it in is another pain..huhu.. I really cant b sure, will I b okay with this problem or it will subside later..hhmmm...let's just pray for the best, Aminn.. Afterall, Allah have planned the best for me =')

Ketika Allah rindu pada hambanya, Allah akan mengirimkan sebuah hadiah istimewa melalui malaikat Jibril yang isinya adalah ujian…
“Pergilah pada hambaku lalu timpakanlah berbagai ujian padanya kerana Aku ingin mendengar rintihannya.”(HR. Thabrani dari Abu Umamah)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Ku menangis.. name has had dis strong relationship with crying and tears since I was small till dis day.. It's not dat I love to cry, but I prefer to let everything out in dat way =) I will not hurt/hit anyone, I will not curse anyone n I need no one to accompany/persuade me lately.. Easy rite? Hahaha..

During my school time, I was fortunate to hv my Syerah, Zira, friends n most importantly, my parents to let out my sadness, worries n problems..Wad's great bout them, they stayed to listen n did not go away =,)

But, since I am already in college, far from family n friends, it turn out totally different now.. I prefer cying alone, rather than telling my friends evrything n cry..Please laaa.. When I'm crying, dat's mean I'm totally in pain n I really dont want anyone to feel da same pain too.. They r toooo painful, n let me handle n bear them by myself =,) I'm okay n more comfortable dat way, InsyaAllah.. It wont b long, dont worry ;) Cheerfull happy Dr.ikha will b back rite after dat, InsyaAllah =D

Well, here's Zee Avi's song, Siboh Kitak Nangis (Please Dont Cry) in Sarawak language covered by my senior, Kak Icha. I prepared the translation, soooooo ENJOY! Hihi..

Siboh Kitak Nangis (Please Dont Cry)- Zee Avi

Oh Sayang
O my love,
Siboh kitak nangis
Please don't cry
Mulut urang kadang-kadang jaik
People's words can sometimes be hurtful

Oh sayang
O my love,
Jangan ambik ati
Don't take hearts
Tok kelak akan pergi
The pain will go away
Sik lamak lagik
It'll be soon

Sik kesah, ribut ka gunto ka kilat ka
Whether its storm, or lightning or thunder
Kamek akan dsebelah kitak
I'll always stay beside you
Mun kitak prlu kamek
If you ever need me

Oh sayang
O my love,
Udah gik kitak nangis
Please stop crying
Kamek sik suka nangga
I don't like to see
Kitak patah ati
You heartbroken

Oh sik hal sayang
O my love, there's no problem,
Dunia tok memang adil
The world is fair
Asalkan kita jangan lupak dirik
As long as you don't be arrogant

Sik kesah ribut ka gunto ka kilat ka
Whether its storm, or lightning or thunder
Kamek akan dsebelah kitak
I'll always stay beside you
Mun kitak perlu kamek
If you ever need me

Crying doesnt mean u're WEAK! hihi..

Salam... =)
p/s: Please dont cry..hihi