Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here I am.......a.g.a.i.n

Alhamdulillah I am back in INTEC, Shah Alam..safely last Sunday. So here I am again, away from my fmily, pursuing my 3rd smester of a-level in medicine . Results were bad for last sem 2, ermmmm not dat bad but u noe me, i never get satisfied easily.. However, I believe Allah had given me the best n i'll make them up this sem InsyaAllah, Aminn..

Back to my room..hhmmm..

Cleared last sem, last 2 months..

3 college stickers, showing that I'm here for my 3rd smester oredy, n I'm SENIOR laaa!

Academic briefing with Mdm Rita dis morning
If last year I always occupy the front seat, not for this year =.=
Toooo lazy to wake up early..haishhhhh...
bad ikha, BAD DR.IKHA! Huh..
Received test papers to b discussed with lecturers. However, this sem, there'll b no mark reclaiming as the marks hv been validated by atleast 2 lecturers...so niat nk tmbh markah n point tbantut dtgh jln..huhu..

One thing about bio, I cnt really understand how marks are given.. U write long-long-long answer, u get only 1 mark.. But some questions need only A SENTENCE n there u are, 2 marks! WHADDD?? huhu

Dat looooooong answer, but only 1 mark.. poor me =(

ZERO for me, but surprisingly da answer is jus A SENTENCE!
The one written with red pen!
Masya Allah............................!!

Wadever it is, I learnt my lesson, I hv to change my way of study, I hv to plan better, use my time wisely n NEVER STOP TRYING TO BE BETTER, InsyaAllah..
May Allah keep me strong n show me the way, Aminn..


 =,( *