Saturday, August 31, 2013

An A Level student who cant 'fly'..

Assalamualaikum! Aloha!!

How’s everybody? Sihat? Evrytin goes as plan? Alhamdulillah..if not, just bear in mind, Allah has sumting better for us =)

It has been about a week after I received my A Level results n please, just PLEASE don’t ask me what’s my result. All I can say is, it didn’t meet the requirement for me to further in degree of medicine, in oversea and even locally.. :’(

So what happened to me?

Alhamdulillah Im now in Management and Science University, MSU Shah Alam doing Foundation in Biological n Health Science (enrolled using my SPM 2010 result) for about 12 months InsyaAllah hoping to score well which will enable me to further in degree of medicine InsyaAllah Aminn..

Am I still sponsored by scholarship?

Sadly nope :’( Im now totally a private student, everytin is paid by my parents’ sweats, tears n bloods :’( My scholarship is suspended while Im doing foundation n InsyaAllah will resume once Im in degree later.

How did I get the offer in MSU?

Everytin was handled by ME AND MY OWNSELF! I was left alone to look for offers by my sponsor in order to still be sponsored :’( Of course I was weak n blurr devastated disappointed after the result day. But I cant wait for too long. I hv to look for the opportunity!

I tried to look for universities dat accept my A Level’s result n offer degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Since my result didn’t qualify me to be in dat course, I looked for universities offering foundation in science. I applied in ALL, I repeat ALL universities/colleges that offer the course. I called the institutions dat didn’t give any respond to my applications n ask lots of things dat I need to know. Seriously it was hard as mostly are either FULL or the application date is closed or the class has already started.

Alhamdulillah for a very supporting mum n friends, I was able to contact directly to the officer in charge @ counsellor of MSU, Puan Adriana that helped my friends n I to be able to join the foundation class evendo the class hs started for about 2 weeks. Once settled, offer letter, application form, list of subjects, statement of payment are emailed right on the same day n yup, Alhamdulillah Im one of MSU students right now :)

Did I try to contact my sponsor?

After receiving my result, I directly called my sponsor. All they said was “An officer will contct us later”. 4 days after the result day, I bought a last minute air ticket n fly to KLIA to go to my sponsor’s office in Putrajaya. However, after all the hard work n hardship, I didn’t get the answer that I expect :’( Everytin was just a waste…..seriously….. Even up to this day, I received no call from them..

Obviously Allah has planned sumting better for me ;) All I can do is, strive my best, keep praying n believe in Him.. I know He loves me more than others SubhanAllah. Everytin was an experienced to b remembered.

Atleast now, Im happy here Alhamdulillah..