Friday, June 7, 2013

Easiest butter chicken =)

Bersama 'akak dlm rancangaaaaannnnn.....
Masak apa arini yob?
Hambooooiiii gituuuu..
hahaha =P

Ok2. Few days ago, I uploaded a picture of my butter chicken on fb n twitter n surprisingly, many people did ask me bout the recipe.. Truth to be told, it's not my recipe actually hihi..

I was stressed with revision for the exam n was in the middle of the cycle where girls *usually* tend to crave for lots of thing. Got wad Imma saying?? Hahaha.. N of all yummy food, Tun Jugah's butter chicken goes into my mind. It's not Tun Jugah's food actually, it's simply bcoz in Kuching, the yummiest butter chicken is available at The Tun Jugah Food Court *teehee*

So here's the ingredient. U need butter, chicken, corn starch, chicken egg, garlic, evaporated milk, sugar n pepper.

So lets start! 
1stly, heat JUST A LITTLE BIT of cooking oil. Then put in minced garlic until they about to turn golden. 

Sorry laa masak dlm periuk nasi jerr,
duduk hostel cenggini laa klau nk hidup

Den, put half of the butter (125g)  n wait until it melt. 

Den, pour about half of the evaporated milk n wait till they boil.

Then add in sugar, pepper n more milk to balance the taste. 

Meanwhile, dip the chicken in the whisked chicken egg.

Den, dab it gently in corn starch just enough to cover the chicken lightly.

The fry it in hot cooking oil! 

When everything is done, 
pour the butter gravy on the chicken, 
den WALLLLAAAA..ur chicken butter is ready!! 

This may b enough for about 4 people InsyaAllah. So try n enjoy!

*sedapppppp slurrrppp sluuuurrrppp*