Sunday, October 20, 2013

Im being me: STRONG!


Me is back Alhamdulilllah!! *ihiks*

Straight to the point, I am now in my 2nd sem of foundation in MSU Alhamdulillah.. How time flies aite.. =) Im sorry for my broken English, I've left my IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for about a year huhu..n my cert will only valid till next year.. So, hopefully Im able to further my degree by next year Aminn.. what's my point again?

Owh.. I'll b taking 5 subjects dis semester, Biology, Chemistry, Math 1, Health Science and Physics. Basicly I'm okay to repeat Bio, Chem n Math, they've been infused in me for about 2 years during A Level, n I can say Im confident with these subjects InsyaAllah.. *I MUST score in those subjects!! :( *

Health Science is okay too InsyaAllah.. but physics?? 3 years ago, during form 5, I can proudly say I'm a physics genius! hihi.. but today? Im not quite sure as I've left the subject for about 2 years. But lets just pray for the best InsyaAllah..

pssssttt.. Im still holding my dream strongly.. Despite many challenges shall I face, InsyaAllah Im just getting stronger.. ^_^