Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Ahhhhhh...clicheeee.. hahaha
Orite, I believe at this moment, evryone all around the world is busy wishing each other happy 12.12.12.

But not for me..hihi.. Instead, I wish myself Happy 9th Birthdate Day =) Well, it has been 9 months being 19, so I hv to cheerish my day n cant stop loving myself more than ever =) Alhamdulillah for evrything ya Allah!

So far, my holiday is awesome, Alhamdulillah n really wish dat time would stop so that I wont hv to go bck to Shah Alam.. But (pleaseee laa, stop being childish..) hihi I believe there would b much more happiness in future prepared by Allah, InsyaAllah.. All I hv to do is, just face the days *^^*

xmok jd GAI (meaning:gedix) to wish 12.12.12 jugak, instead lets say,  SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, La ilaha illallah, Allahuakbar for still being able to breathe n are alive on dis special date. May Allah fill our life with His nur, Aminn..

My anak2 =)
Smoga jadi anak2 yg soleh, bijak pndai n bguna kpd agama, bgsa & negara, Aminn..

*Ahhhhhhh...xterasa kan masa sgt cepat blalu.. Dlm less than a month kta masuk 2013 dh..n umur pun kian mningkat.. Semoga Allah redha..*