Thursday, May 26, 2011


Olaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Sweet-little-doctor is back!! Hehehe.. Wad date is today?? It's 26th of MAY!! Happy 3 Months birthdate day ZIRAAAAA!! Heheh.. I might b late but I never forget.. Smile k? AUCHAKK!! =))

QKULKAN??!! Iyerrr, word zira ajak laa yaa.. Heheh..
SWEET cake for BUDAK SWEET GLER!! Pergghhhhhhhhhhhh

I'm a bit ermmm.. sad *isk2* for most of my frens were off to further their study oredy n some are going so0n.. sob2! Sdehhhh nyeeerrr.. Hv I tell u where I'm about to further mine? Hmm....

So0o, as wad u can see above, Alhamdulillah I was offered scholarship by JPA in medic n InsyaAllah will b going to INTEC, UiTM, Shah Alam in early July. N after the 2years of A-Level, I'll b leaving to INDIAAAAAA!! InsyaAllah.. heheh=P

N one of the requirement for this scholarship is, I hv to attend a 3days-programme, Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Sebenar Seorang Doktor, held in HUS from Monday till yterday. Hmm, how can I say... Ok laaa, can see the real picture of life being a doctor, life attending sick people n life dealing with the DEAD!! 

Went to most departments in da hospital n RUMAH MAYAT!! Sayangnya xda mayat dat day, just certain body parts kept in freezer. Saw@observed@exprienced minor surgery procedure, blood taking, clerking, ward round, diagnosing, MMR*sesi prsentation bsama doctors n specialists, bncang sbb patient mati* n many more!! 

Evrything seemed to be in rush, WE'RE DEALING WITH PEOPLE'S LIFE OKAYYYY!! Balit rumah grenti kepak n LAPARRRR*tedah baby eden.. hihi*.. Bila tgga org usung mayat kuar dr wad, bto0l2 mnyedihkan..=,(( Went to Pusat Jantung HUS, Kota Samarahan too n trust me, dat hospital really is 'sumthing'.. Rrrrrrrrr.... But undeniable awesome, superbly-new n fully computerised! Tabik spring st0oink2!!

"Being a doctor is noble, but u have to PAY for it. Be PREPARED" I heard dis a lot during the programme n I'm preparing myself, urghhhhhhh.... Allah please make me strong!! Aja2 fighting dr.ikha!!!

Nothing in life is easy... N it's me who'll choose to make it harder or better..

Saturday, May 14, 2011


We've been struggling together for SPM, n I appreciate it... so much..

We've been playing, organising activities together... n I enjoy it..... so much..

 We've been studying under the same building together... n I miss those moments.. so much..

We've been trying hard to win in many competitions together... n I love ur fighting much..

We've been spending time together in many ways... n I felt honoured.. so much.. 

 We've been facing hard days together.. n I respect u... so much..

We've been smiling to the world together... n I'm impressed by ur smile.. so much..

We've been laughing so much together.. n ur happiness means so much to me..

So0o, my dear Auntie Sherry... Thanks for evrything, sorry for wad I've did, said.. I love u n may Allah bless u, Aminn.. Happy bday, Nur Syahirah binti Shazali....=,))

From ur little friend who loves u with full of her heart=,))


Friday, May 13, 2011

Why so0o sad??

So0o, it's 12 May today, I mean yterday.. I'm late to wish myself  HAPPY 2nd Month Birthdate day, dr.ikha!!!
I've been 18 for 2 months.. =,))
Huhu... This will b my last birthdate day celebrated here, in Kuching.. Huhu.. Why so0o sad??? Huhu, don wanna cry, coz crying make me look awful.. I'm pretty-macho-cute, so0o I cannot n shouldn't cry rite?? Heheh..

Ok, enough bout these.. Watched Wanita Hari Ini, n they talked bout a cat lover who bcame rich just bcoz she sells cats. Imagine RM700+ for a cat! Haish....

Watching her playing with her cats makes me pasang dis niat "Bila dh da rmh sndrik klak, kja dh stabil, nk BELI PUSAK SEKOK!!" Heheh.. *Mesti auntie sherry, mak ncik spekah, zira, rabs alu takut nk g rmh eden klak..heheh* 

I once hv a kitten but my dad gave it away *he said I paid too much attention to the kitten, I might neglect my studies* n can u believe it, I heard people were saying the kitten was thrown into river coz no one liked it!! Huhuhuhu.... N my asthma is one of da reason that I can't hv cat as pet..

InsyaAllah, one day..... I'll have my own cat!! heheh..


Though most people love Persians more, but I personally love this species!!

This is how my kitten used to look like.. 
Btw, am I considered KEJAM if I'm going away to other state to further my study n I don even tell anyone bout it?? Hmmm...... thinking of doing it actually....

*I'm not trying to be cute or looked cute or acting cute (though I'm actually undeniable cute..=P), but..... heyyy, evryone has their own childhood memories rite??? So0o do I.. *

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dilema.. Mana mau pigi daaa??

1st of all, congrats to all my friend who MANAGED to decide ur pathway after dis.. May Allah bless u guys n dr.ikha is always here to support u, InsyaAllah!! Aja2 fighting!!

But..... huhu..... I'm still lost here, still wondering where to further my study.... Penantian satu penyeksaan, n yes....... waiting for JPA sgt2 mnyeksakn... Though I've lost my confidence in getting JPA's scholarship, I still hope for it..

So far, I've been offered Asasi Sains, Unimas n Program Matrikulasi Jurusan Sains, Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor.

Let me list out da advantages n dis advantages for both offers n please tell me ur opinion, PLEASEEEE=((

Asasi Sains, UNIMAS
Dekat jak ngn rumah, kmpung..
Alaaaa, xkn nk stay kuching jak..=P
Blaja ng focus on Sains Hayat only
Pluang after study kcik jak, Doktor perubatan n kejururawatan shj *i mean utk bidang prubatan*
Byk geng, kazen pun byk kt sia
xpt jd sumone ‘NEW’
After study, InsyaAllah dah ada tmpt kt UNIMAS k smbung gik. InsyaAllah, xmnganggur
Alaaaa, xkn nk stay kuching jak..=P
Cuti bleh balik rumah, balik kmpung..
Alaaaa, xkn nk stay kuching jak..=P
Tmbang pngangkutan murah jer..
Kurang cabaran, kurang manto0p..hihih

Matrikulasi, KMS
Luar negeri!! *luar dr Sarawak okayyy..hahaha!!*
Totally away dr family..huhu..=((
Pluang after study lbeh luas.. Still bleh pilih nk smbung in medic or engineering..
Subjek nk dblaja pun byk juak.. Bleh dkatakn “Sit  for another SPM”
After study bleh pilih agik nk smbung U ney
Knak struggle abis2… N risiko utk ‘dlelong’ oleh KPM or mnganggur sgt2 laaa tggi..
Cuti bleh enjoy g KL! =P
Totally away dr family..huhu..=((
Bleh jd sumone ‘NEW’..
Hv to start all over again, nk carik kwn gik..huhu..
Jauh pjalanan, luas pnglaman..
Tmbang pngangkutan plu tempah lok, den mahal, xtentu harga…

Hhhmmm...so0o0o0o0o....wad do u think?? EDEN-NK-POGHRI-MANO-NIH??
Laugh with *snort2*..XD!!

*If I choose to study in Unimas, den I might be able to see my sis rite? Hhhhmmmm.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Missing u..

I miss u, so0o much...... We'll not be seeing each other before I continue my study, rite.... Can't deny this anymore, yes I'm sad for it coz I miss u.. I miss hugging u, hugging u from behind n how I used to hold on as long as I want to, and u don't even mind.. I miss how u used to kiss my face just to wake me up evry morning.. How u used to tickle me until I felt like dying.. How u used to say 'Gud nite' before we sleep n how u used to hug me while sleeping.. I'm sorry for being childish rite now...but I'm just a sister who miss her dearest sister so much.. Yes we do fight a lot, but that's wad sisters did rite.. I really miss being by ur side, having u cheering my day.. How great those moment was.. Want to see u, wanna hug u.. I miss u...

Mum, I miss my sister.......=,((


Sunday, May 8, 2011

For a person called MAK.. =,))

Tgk limak5 biak tok.. Happy kan?? Alhamdulillah.. Hehehe.. 
They're free to express themselves in their own ways.. Nak tauk sapa mastermind nya??

Kiut x?? Hehehe... Puji drikpun eh.. Along yg tegak, Kak Ina angkat kening nmpak, ikha yg terSIPUT, Nas yg tkangkang n Pakh yg botak.. Hahaha.. Yg plg penting, itu....mak kiter oreng...

Puan Sabariah binti Bujang

So0o0o, Mum...this post is made speacially for a very special person like u.. Thanks for bringing me into this world, thanks for loving me, thanks for always supporting me, thanks for cheering me, thanks for defending me, thanks for standing by my side n thank you for being my Mum.. Alhamdulillah!!
Praise to Allah for a great Mum like u..❤

Smiles for a great Mum..=D
Despite uncertained-busy works, housechores, u'll always hv time for us rite..
Dr kcik, smpe laaa besa.. Hahaha.. 
Mum, budak kcik tok dh besar.. 

Mum, like I promised, I'll make u proud of me.. n yes, I know n I hope u do.. 
There's still long journey ahead but nothing scares me for I know u're always there for me, InsyaAllah..
I love you Mum=,))


Saturday, May 7, 2011

fMILy gathering 2011

Now nk crita bout my family punya gathering, *yg mnyebbkn akuh brebut nk pulang dr dekik Serapi last Sunday n xpat join surprised bday Juni..huhu..* held evryear at da same place with the same organisation, SMK TAEE *my uncle, Yak Taha works there*.

Since I came home late from the hiking, we left home around 5 sumtin n arrive there around 7.30pm! Haiyaaa.... My mum yg ttdo ddpn, me n my dad yg da nite blindness n Pakh yg mseh mamai2 lekak tdo dlm keta tlh mnyebbkn kami sesat skejap.. Hahaha.. Tp, Alhamdulillah dpt jmpa tmpat ya.. Siar Beach, Lundu.. 

Hmm, dis year kureng syiok compared to last year since most of my elder cousins couldn't come, my sis was not there to0o0o=((, my Along n Nas too.. So0o0, less people, less merrier.. Rite?? Hehehe.. But I still enjoy myself *despite my killing cramped-tired legs..haishhh...* n yeah....we rocked Lundu!! Hahaha..

My cousins n my NENEK!! Heheh..

Suma tgh ngga org bkaraoke.. Pakh nyanyi Cinta Kristal dat nite.. Daaa~~

The N*NOIs!! Heheh..
From left, n*noi Mok, n*noi Chik, n*noi Udak n lastly, CUTE-n*noi Anjang=))

Buang tebiat anak tok..

Aunty2 n Uncle2 akuh yg sporting GILERRRR!!
Since we came quite late, we missed Sukaneka held in da afternoon..

My cousins.. Tiup, TIUP!!
The next morning, knak bgun awal coz my mum knak pg keja tghari ya... Haiyaaa... Dh laa dtg plg akhe, pulang pulak plg awal.. Hahaha.. So, bgasak laaa mbik gmbar b4 pulang.. Heheh..
Siar beach waktu pagi..

Again, The N*noi(s)!!

The Ray Ban's.. Pakh rasa kacak.. bluekkk=P

With aunties n cousins..

My Usu Rosnie.. Heheh..

Den balik.... In da way home, dad smpat singgah kt gerei tp jeraya yg jual mcm2 jnis kerepek ya bah.. So0o0o, mum *like usual!* akan grab evry-single-thing dpn mata!! Haahaha!!

Okayyy.. Salam...=D