Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Ahhhhhh...clicheeee.. hahaha
Orite, I believe at this moment, evryone all around the world is busy wishing each other happy 12.12.12.

But not for me..hihi.. Instead, I wish myself Happy 9th Birthdate Day =) Well, it has been 9 months being 19, so I hv to cheerish my day n cant stop loving myself more than ever =) Alhamdulillah for evrything ya Allah!

So far, my holiday is awesome, Alhamdulillah n really wish dat time would stop so that I wont hv to go bck to Shah Alam.. But (pleaseee laa, stop being childish..) hihi I believe there would b much more happiness in future prepared by Allah, InsyaAllah.. All I hv to do is, just face the days *^^*

xmok jd GAI (meaning:gedix) to wish 12.12.12 jugak, instead lets say,  SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, La ilaha illallah, Allahuakbar for still being able to breathe n are alive on dis special date. May Allah fill our life with His nur, Aminn..

My anak2 =)
Smoga jadi anak2 yg soleh, bijak pndai n bguna kpd agama, bgsa & negara, Aminn..

*Ahhhhhhh...xterasa kan masa sgt cepat blalu.. Dlm less than a month kta masuk 2013 dh..n umur pun kian mningkat.. Semoga Allah redha..*

Thursday, November 22, 2012

India jerr??!!

Kadang2 kta marah bla org buat fitnah dkt kta, contohnya kita ni busuk. Bla dtnya, "Siapa ckp?", jwbnya "Orang cakap.." Padahal dia sndri XPERNAH hidu pun bau bdn kta, busuk ke x. Dok dgr sgt ckp org, smpai jd ckp sebarang ckp jer.

Bnda yg sama sering Ikha lalui sjak dtawarkn pngajian di India, InsyaAllah..

"Kenapa India??" 
"India negara yg kotor, negara yang busuk, byk penyakit.."
"Makan kari hari2, pakai sari.."

Ntah mengapa perspektif masyarakat Malaysia tlalu mmndang rndah kpd negara spt negara India, padahal India antara pelahir doktor2 berjaya yang terbesar di sluruh dunia? Jika benar India itu jijik, bgaimana mgkin boleh lahirnya doktor2 ini?? Graduan perubatan dr India juga antara YANG BOLEH DIHARAPKAN kerana sistem pdidikan yg mnekankn BUKAN SETAKAT BACA BUKU, malah pgaplikasiaan dlm kehidupan seharian dhospital!

Utk mneruskn pbelajaran di India, Ikha dn rakan2 telah bjuang sehabis yg mgkin d peringkat A-Level slama 2 tahun, mmenuhi tahap yg dminta oleh penaja, mngmbil peperiksaan btaraf international dan mngmbil risiko xdterima univrsiti tmpatan, pdhal rakan2 lain yg mnyambung plajaran di pringkat asasi, matrikulasi dan foundation hanya mngmbil masa SETAHUN dan kini sudah mula dipmulaan dunia DEGREE.

Anda ingat ini SENANG bagi kami??!!?!! 

Anda TIDAK melalui apa yg kami lalui, anda TIDAK rasa apa yg kami rasa, anda TIDAK dgr apa yg kmk dgr, anda TIDAK lihat apa yg kami lihat, ANDA TIDAK BERSAMA KAMI!!!

Usah mpkcilkn kami yg bakal dihantar ke India, InsyaAllah. Kami BERSYUKUR dn BANGGA dpt mnyambung pelajaran di India, Kenapa? Anda tidak akn fhm, SBB MMG ANDA SNDIRI TIDAK PERNAH CUBA UTK FAHAM.

"India busuk." Siapa cakap? "Orang cakap.."

*tepuk dada, tanya iman. India maseh brada d atas bumi Allah.

InsyaAllah, here will I be! Aminnnnnnn..

*BENGANG sgt dgn org yg tlalu sempit pmikiran.. Please! Open up ur mind! U wont lose anything!*

Friday, November 2, 2012

Cinta buah..

I remember last year, few days before I hv to register in INTEC, I was suffering from a very high fever, which I cant even stand up or do anything. My head was so heavy and I was totally weak n in pain, vomiting everything that goes tru my oesophagus..cehhhhhh....

For that few days, Dad bought me coconuts, n prepared me the juice every morning though he had to rush to send my brothers to school situated in the centre of the city then drove to the other end of the city to his own school. N as everyone knows, cracking-open a coconut is not an easy task. It require a lot of, I mean =P Sipping the juice, I can feel his love n care, hoping for me to get well soon..

Syerah gave me few biji of ermmm...I forgot the name..the one u soak in water the it'll bloom into a foamy ball. Aaaaaa, kembang semangkuk =P hihi.. N that was the 1st time I saw the original state of it..

Bought from pasar malam...a bit cheaper than Mydins' =P

The night before I depart to Shah Alam, I was still having the high fever dat my face was so red n I had a severe headache. After performing Isyak, all I could do was lay on the sejadah with loosen telekung n trying to sleep. Then, a call came tru my fon, from Abg Ahmad. He asked me to go down n meet him outside as he has sumting to give. Unfortunately, Fakhrul was not home dat night n I would surely not going to disturb Nasrul studying or Along who's working on his project. So, forcefully, I grabbed my ekspress tudung n met him outside. *I know I looked totally horrible dat time, with red swollen face n crumpled awning..hoho* He passed me a plastic, containing 2 BIG freshly-wrapped apples =D As I was soooo sick *n ashamed of my own looks*, I thanked him then rushed back in.

It was so easy to hv fruit dat time.. Just name me any, I surely hv it in fridge InsyaAllah.. But now, living on my ownself independently, I start to realise how high a fruit can cost u...huhu.. Even an apple can cost me RM1 sumting which for me is quite expansive..

Hhmmm..I miss being at home..being around my family, people I love, showered with love n care...Allah, I miss them sooooo much!!

These words are true....but these is wad I miss =') huhu.. Allah, please take great care of my parents..

*I got too saturated with I decided to blog..heheh..

Monday, October 29, 2012


Huishhhhh, wad's up with the title full with hatred and grudge????

Hahaha..breathe in, breathe out, rileks =) Feeling better? Now read my story..

Hv u ever feel SAD when sending people off to somewhere or SAD bcoz u're leaving? 

It's like, for example, last year, i drove my dad to airport as he had to attend some seminar sumwhere n will b back after 2 days. If considered with conscious healthy mind, that's not a big separation n shouldnt b a problem. But I cried ='( I was sooo sad thinking I hv to endure life without my father....for 2 days..hihi..

Last month, I drove ema, cullen n nadrah to KLIA to send their friend who'll b furthering study to Bangalore India. Ok, their fren is no one for me rite, i mean I know her but she's not my friend, not sumone who's close to me, but I DID FEEL SAD TOOO! Seriously! I just hate the word "SEPARATION" ='(

I 1st discover this problem when I was in form 3, when my whole family was at airport to send Along back to Sabah after his 3 months holiday. Since I'd spend the 3 months with him at home, I felt sad when he has to go back to his uni ='( N i cried in front of evryone...huishhhhhhh...maluuuuuu! Bcoz I seldom cry in front of them..teehee..

N the problem goes on with evryone! I even got fever crying sending my sister EVERYTIME she went back to Labuan during matriculation until she furthers her study in Johor. I cant stand that pain so I told my sister, I cant send her to airport anymore bcoz I'll cry n she understands =)

Aishhh...crying is a pain, holding it in is another pain..huhu.. I really cant b sure, will I b okay with this problem or it will subside later..hhmmm...let's just pray for the best, Aminn.. Afterall, Allah have planned the best for me =')

Ketika Allah rindu pada hambanya, Allah akan mengirimkan sebuah hadiah istimewa melalui malaikat Jibril yang isinya adalah ujian…
“Pergilah pada hambaku lalu timpakanlah berbagai ujian padanya kerana Aku ingin mendengar rintihannya.”(HR. Thabrani dari Abu Umamah)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Ku menangis.. name has had dis strong relationship with crying and tears since I was small till dis day.. It's not dat I love to cry, but I prefer to let everything out in dat way =) I will not hurt/hit anyone, I will not curse anyone n I need no one to accompany/persuade me lately.. Easy rite? Hahaha..

During my school time, I was fortunate to hv my Syerah, Zira, friends n most importantly, my parents to let out my sadness, worries n problems..Wad's great bout them, they stayed to listen n did not go away =,)

But, since I am already in college, far from family n friends, it turn out totally different now.. I prefer cying alone, rather than telling my friends evrything n cry..Please laaa.. When I'm crying, dat's mean I'm totally in pain n I really dont want anyone to feel da same pain too.. They r toooo painful, n let me handle n bear them by myself =,) I'm okay n more comfortable dat way, InsyaAllah.. It wont b long, dont worry ;) Cheerfull happy Dr.ikha will b back rite after dat, InsyaAllah =D

Well, here's Zee Avi's song, Siboh Kitak Nangis (Please Dont Cry) in Sarawak language covered by my senior, Kak Icha. I prepared the translation, soooooo ENJOY! Hihi..

Siboh Kitak Nangis (Please Dont Cry)- Zee Avi

Oh Sayang
O my love,
Siboh kitak nangis
Please don't cry
Mulut urang kadang-kadang jaik
People's words can sometimes be hurtful

Oh sayang
O my love,
Jangan ambik ati
Don't take hearts
Tok kelak akan pergi
The pain will go away
Sik lamak lagik
It'll be soon

Sik kesah, ribut ka gunto ka kilat ka
Whether its storm, or lightning or thunder
Kamek akan dsebelah kitak
I'll always stay beside you
Mun kitak prlu kamek
If you ever need me

Oh sayang
O my love,
Udah gik kitak nangis
Please stop crying
Kamek sik suka nangga
I don't like to see
Kitak patah ati
You heartbroken

Oh sik hal sayang
O my love, there's no problem,
Dunia tok memang adil
The world is fair
Asalkan kita jangan lupak dirik
As long as you don't be arrogant

Sik kesah ribut ka gunto ka kilat ka
Whether its storm, or lightning or thunder
Kamek akan dsebelah kitak
I'll always stay beside you
Mun kitak perlu kamek
If you ever need me

Crying doesnt mean u're WEAK! hihi..

Salam... =)
p/s: Please dont cry..hihi

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kembali pada yang SATU

Sakit? Siapa yang suka sakit? Tetapi redhalah..

"Dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu" (Al Baqarah:126)

Mengapa kita? Mengapa skrg?

Adakah manusia menyangka bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan dengan hanya berkata: “Kami beriman”, sedang mereka tidak diuji (dengan sesuatu cubaan)? (Al-Ankabut:2) 

Jgn putus asa, jgn hilang harapan.. Dekatkn diri kpd Allah =)

“Dan sesungguhnya aku Maha Pengampun bagi orang yang bertaubat, beriman, beramal saleh, kemudian tetap di jalan yang benar.” (Taha : 82)

Mampukah kita btahan?

"Allah tidak memberati seseorang melainkan apa yang terdaya olehnya"  (Al Baqarah:286)

Jangan terlalu mengingati perkara yang menyakitkan hati. Nanti kamu bertambah sakit hati. Tidak mengapa andai dilukai, sekurang-kurangnya ia mengajar anda erti hidup.

Tidak mengapa andai tidak dihargai, sekurang-kurangnya ia mengajar anda apa itu kasih sayang. Tidak mengapa andai tidak memiliki, ia menyedarkan anda bahawa masih ada perkara hebat menanti.

Salam.. =)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Depressed ke?

Apa sbb tba2 nk post sumting ari ni? Hahahaha.. Tba2 dan tidak smena2..

It's nothing much actually but I feel guilty seeing my blog archieve..haishhh.. I've neglect this loyal friend of mine =( Huhu..sorry my blog..

Well, real IELTS is just around da corner n i've not receive my trial IELTS result, so I cant measure my ability n weakness yet..huhu.. What will b my band? Can I pass band 6.5 as required by JPA for medical scholars bound to Melaka-Manipal Medical College? I aim for higher band of course, InsyaAllah Aminnn..

Not to mention, final is only a month away!! Waaaarrrghhhh.. Depressed!! Dushhhhhh!!

I've been in a bad situation dis few weeks n obviously I am sad, tired n depressed.. But hey, Allah is always with me! No matter wad people say, people think, people judge..Allah know wad I did, Allah know the real things =,) N if I cn get offended easily just bcoz people talk behind my back, I dont even have that right to say I believe in Allah... Astagfirullah.. So I decided to just let things b, I did not disturb peoples' life, I never do any bad things to people, I never hate anyone, I never blackguard or talk bad things bout people, behind their back...sooo I jus leave evrything in Allah's hand =) 

In dat way, Alhamdulillah I'm able to continue living happily with no worry..

Anyway, ummi took dis pictures dis morning, just testing ema's new application in her phone, n it happened to be me in front of her, so she took my picture.. I was smiling my usual smile when Ummi suddenly said "Bahagianya snyuman diaaaa.. Cmne boleh snyum mcm tu?" I was like "Bahagia?"

Den my heart said, I forgot that I have Allah, I hv my family, I hv my bestfriend, I hv my loyal friends, I hv him...n with them, I will always b happy...n to prove dat, "snyuman bahagia sbb SAYA BAHAGIA =D Alhamdulillah.."


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here I am.......a.g.a.i.n

Alhamdulillah I am back in INTEC, Shah Alam..safely last Sunday. So here I am again, away from my fmily, pursuing my 3rd smester of a-level in medicine . Results were bad for last sem 2, ermmmm not dat bad but u noe me, i never get satisfied easily.. However, I believe Allah had given me the best n i'll make them up this sem InsyaAllah, Aminn..

Back to my room..hhmmm..

Cleared last sem, last 2 months..

3 college stickers, showing that I'm here for my 3rd smester oredy, n I'm SENIOR laaa!

Academic briefing with Mdm Rita dis morning
If last year I always occupy the front seat, not for this year =.=
Toooo lazy to wake up early..haishhhhh...
bad ikha, BAD DR.IKHA! Huh..
Received test papers to b discussed with lecturers. However, this sem, there'll b no mark reclaiming as the marks hv been validated by atleast 2 niat nk tmbh markah n point tbantut dtgh jln..huhu..

One thing about bio, I cnt really understand how marks are given.. U write long-long-long answer, u get only 1 mark.. But some questions need only A SENTENCE n there u are, 2 marks! WHADDD?? huhu

Dat looooooong answer, but only 1 mark.. poor me =(

ZERO for me, but surprisingly da answer is jus A SENTENCE!
The one written with red pen!
Masya Allah............................!!

Wadever it is, I learnt my lesson, I hv to change my way of study, I hv to plan better, use my time wisely n NEVER STOP TRYING TO BE BETTER, InsyaAllah..
May Allah keep me strong n show me the way, Aminn..


 =,( *

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cinta Bersatu

Howdy ya? How's holiday? Huhu, school will resume next week, so do the UiTMers n UIAers.. Except for me..still left about 4 more weeks n I really hope time would stops now so dat I dont hv to go back to intec n le brothers, nephews n friends will still hv their holidays.. Hahaha.. Well, during last 2weeks, I really enjoyed myself with evryone, evrysingle day, Alhamdulillah..

Anyway, watched a music video in astro ria ystrday, from Liyana Jasmay entitled Cinta Bersatu. If seen from the lyrics, obviously the song is dedicated to a lover, but as for me, it's for evryone who loves me n never hates me despite all my weakness =,) I love u all!!!

Di matamu ku berharga
Kau perlakukan aku
Lebih dari mencintai dirimu

Di dekatmu ku merasa
Bahagianya aku
Dapat ruang cintamu

Hanya kamu saja
Yang mampu begitu
Mengerti aku

Kau sempurna bagiku
Tak kurang sesuatu
Kau terima apa adaku

Ku sempurna bagimu
Tak kurang sesuatu
Cinta bersatu

Cara mencintaiku
Yang membuat diriku jatuh cinta padamu

*Lastly, slmt kembali ke sekolah n yg sama waktu dgnnya.. All the best!!*

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nak makan??

Before u proceed with this post, u are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take ur lunch first bcoz u're gonna face LOTS N LOTS N LOOOOTTTSSSSS of fooooood here!! hihi.. Okai.. Let do it!

Mee Udang from Pak Li Kopitiam, n Lemon Juice with Assamboi....

Mee Kolok from ermmm...cnt rmember, obviously not in Srwk
*xsesedap mee kolok Kuching =P*

Blended Iced-Chocolate

Ermmm, Lamb Chop with Rice
Iced tea with honey

Rojak Ayammmmm!!

Rojak from Ar Rafi Bistro

Ladna Kueh Tiaw from Ar Rafi Bistro

Sirap Bandung
Nasi Lemak from Bob's Corner

My fav, Bubur Ayam n Honey Tea with lemon, from Pak Li Kopitiam

Rojak@ Pasemboq from Stall Pak Mat

Sedaaaapppppp!! Cendol Kacang also from Stall Pak Mat

Terbaek!! Laksa Penang also from Stall Pak Mat

Errrmm, Breakfast Set C from Ar Rafi Bistro.. Hahahaha

Special Layered teh tarik from Ar Rafi Bistro

O yeaaahhhh, Bakso n Jus Tembikai from Kafe Keningau

Nasi Ayam Penyet from Ayam Penyet

Also my fav, Nasi Ayam Lemon from Pak Li Kopitiam

Beef Kueh Tiaw  n Iced Milo from Ar Raf Bistro

slurrrrpppp!! Blended Iced Chocolate from Pak Li Kopitiam

Nasi Tomato with ayam masak merah from Pasar Malam
n Jus Kedondong!!

Roti Paper from Ar Rafi Bistro

Ais Kacang Strawberry from Ar Rafi Bistro

Also my fav, Bihun Tomyam yg kawkawkaw glerrrrr from Al Awwal Restaurant
Nasi n Ayam Lemon (my FAV!!) n sayur campur from Kafe Keningau

Fruit Cocktail with Milk, made by n housemates=P

Curry Noodle from Noodles, LCCT

Hahahaha.. Most of the food are only available at Seksyen 18 Shah Alam =) *Wink2* Lastly, while studying, beside milo, or milk or nestum, I enjoy drinking this tea=) Hohohoh..

AHMAD tea!!

Salam =))