Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Will you pray for me?


Currently, at this moment, while I'm seating alone at one corner of the library, deep in my heart, I'm feeling like crying out loud, weeping like a baby and wailing like kitten :,( Professional exam in one week time and here I am still lost with my revision I'm like losing my passion my spirit I just dont know I don't understand myself :,( Usually when I feel this way, it takes just few days before I gain back my strength so I really appreciate if you, yes you who read this, whoever you are, please pray that "May Allah give strength to Nur Zalikha Yusup to achieve her dreams, may Allah ease her way, may Allah enlighten her burden and may Allah give her success Amin Aminn Aminn"


Jazakumullahu khayr.. May Allah bless Aminn..

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