Friday, August 7, 2015

Cinta Dia yang Satu..


Holllllaaaaaa..jam 0221pg, I'm on my bed, surrounded by files of notes and here I am bubbling on my own just to share a piece of word said by Diyana, my housemate just now.

Before that, do you remember me saying how disappointed I was with my semester 2 exam, how hard  it was and how sad I was after the exam? We received the result last week. All I could expect was "Ya Allah, lulus pun jadi la.." *with a long cry in my heart sbb my new agreement with my sponsor is to get 3.5 (B+)  in exam to continue to be sponsored T_T and obviously 'lulus' is not enough*

Tapi tapi tapi..MasyaAllah *insert a crying face here* Allah itu Maha Sweet! Alhamdulillah, I passed and SubhanAllah *insert another crying face but with a smile here* I am about 0.5 point below 3.5...dlm 3.0 la (xplu la bgtau gred apa) Alhamdulillah.. Seriously it was totally unexpected! Yes I know 3.0 tu xde la gempak mana pun tapi..Allahuakbar *i bet dak2 medic fhm la kot* eventhough you feel like you've read everything *which actually never occur*, you still cant expect the questions that may be asked.

Apa2 pun, we proceed to what Diyana said to me;
"Ikha, ikha xrasa ke result semester 2 tu semata-mata sbb ALLAH TOLONG? Ikha, exam hrtu susah glerrr kot tp Alhamdulillah result baik."

"Mungkin ada berkat sebab time tu kan bulan puasa, mungkin berkat kita rajin pegi terawih kat masjid wlaupun org lain ada yg trawih sndri je sbb nk jimat masa nk study"

And that makes me ponder.. "Hhmm..minah ni bgus gak erh" haha..xde2 gurau je

The point here is not about we're good to terawih at masjid bla3, tapi it's about 'keberkatan'. When you put Allah first in everything, InsyaAllah Allah will put you first in everything too. When you know which one is your priority, InsyaAllah you can divide your responsibilities well. And tabarakallah, you will not lose anything biiznillah :))

May Allah ease, may Allah bless.
Thank you for all doa and keep praying, professional exam on Monday InsyaAllah and I have to kill it.

Hazamin fadhli rabbi!

"Tajdid niat selalu. Buat semua, semata-mata kerana Allah"

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