Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Day 1 #ZalikhaTakeJapan

Salam alaik!

Can't believe we're about to meet 2016 in about 2 more days MasyaAllah :)) So how's your 2015? heee...Mine? Was AWESOME Alhamdulillah! I've been great, better and stronger InsyaAllah :)

So last September, I went to JAPANNNNN hahaha..representing my uni for cultural exchange for 3 days and another 7 days for real HOLIDAYSSSS!! Hihi..

We departed from KLIA2 on 26/9/15 at 240pm via AirAsia, with 31 students and 2 lecturers. It was quite a big group and honestly, I was worried if that big group may bring any problem later in Japan but Alhamdulillah everything went well, their teamwork was awesome and we love each other more after the trip :D

And after about 8 hours flight, we reached Haneda Airport, JAPANNN!! Heeeee..since it was my first oversea trip, I was sooooo jakun and really look forward for new experience :))

The second we arrived, we would want to tell our family first la kan..so gigih laa cari wifi bagai. owh I downloaded few apps in my phone but I uninstalled some already and I can't really recall which was. But here's some:

Tabimori-Ni mcm travelling book, blh baca dulu life, culture n tradition kat Jepun mcm mana, then ada gak subway guide, weather forecast, currency converter, translator, news etc. Tp I dont really used this apps time kat Jepun, baca time kat Malaysia je.

Tokyo Metro Subway-Ni memang kna ada! Sebab MasyaAllah, subway line kat Jepun sangatlaaaaa banyak and nama macam2 and memang akan clueless la nak g mana klau stakat tau nama destination. Sbb satu stesen pertukaran tu boleh ada dalam 6 lines skaligus, klau salah naik, all the best la cari balik jalan pulang. Tp don't worry la, terlepas satu tren InsyaAllah next tren akan smpai dlm 5 minit je. On time ooo geng! (Tp sejujurnya sy xpakai pun apps ni sbb my fren yang akan cari which way to go, I ikut je >.<" )

Halal Navi-Ni for me kena ada la sebab agak susah nak cari kedai makan halal kat Jepun. Ada memang ada, tp susah nak tau sebab ntah semua macam nampak fishy. So memang kna make sure dulu la betul tak halal, baca other people's comments at the restaurant you would want to go tu. Then klau mmg dh usaha, then bak kata lecturer ktorg "Bismillah, makan." TAPI MAKE SURE USAHA DULU TAU! And and and....usually klau makanan tu mcm extra sedap lain glerrrr dasyat sedapp, istighfar laaa banyak2, sbb even students kat sana ckp usually yg sedap tu laaa tak halal huhu T_T Bila ada ragu2 tu, tak yah laa makan..syubhah. Owh apps ni siap ada maps yg ala2 waze utk bwak kita ke kedai2 halal tu.

Free Wifi-Ok, Japan sangatlah pemurah ngn wifi merata2, and mostly memang free. Klau pengguna android ada app ni dlm fon, senang ckit laa sbb dorg blh connect directly n automaticly  klau ada wifi available. Tp klau ipong user...hhmmm...rs mcm xyah kot. Sbb even if ada pun, still kna log in wifi manually. So bila nak wifi, cari manually kat setting then connect, pastu log in via Safari. Even kat airport pun sama tau. Even though u're already connected, tp klau x log in via Safari, mmg idok aderrr la notification masok oo geng..

Google Translate-For me, ni sangat membantu. Especially klau beli makanan yang ada tulis ingredients tp kta xpaham sepatah pun sebab dalam tulisan Jepun. Best sebab kita boleh ambik gambar, then slide ur hand tru the words that you wish to be translated then WALLAAA...u'll get the translation in any other languange you want. Awesome wa cakap luuu..

Rasanya tu yang basic kna ada kot.. Ada lagi yang lain, tapi I don't really use them. Offline maps pun penting jugak sebenarnya in case you got lost and there's no wifi available. But again, I don't really use it heheh..

Ermm..apa lagi erh? Owh imegresen line was longggggggg but the officers were good and friendly, some can speak few BM words so mmg kita rasa woowwww la kan..hahaha.. Then, picked up our luggages. My friend's beg pecah and patah roda, dah laa beg baru beli n baruuuuu je smpai Jepun. Sadly insurans tak cover pun tp don't worry dia dah beli beg baru fresh from Jepun haaaa..saje je nak pecah beg bagai kan?

An officer from Josai University waited for us outside of the airport. Then, ktorg naik bas prepared by Josai University sama2 to our hotel, Sakura Hotel situated at Asakusa.  Since it was already midnight, we can't really see how Japan looks like but seeing all bill boards, sign boards all written in Japanese, rasa macam tengah shooting drama Jepun *tink*

I'm sorry I couldn't attach any picture here because I can't find the folder in my hard disk. huhu.. Hari seterusnya will be continued in next post but I can't promise to post about it asap hoho..


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