Sunday, January 3, 2016


Tahun baru, azam baru..

"Azam tahun lepas pun tak settle lagi.." *sengih busuk tak gosok gigi*

Aloha! Alhamdulillah 2016 is finally here. With all tragedy happened in 2015, all those challenges and trials we're faced with, Alhamdulillah we managed to be here, breathing normally with limbs all still intact and still able to think and act rationally. Though some of us are tested with some difficulties here and there, we can't deny how much Allah blessed us that we're still alive, peacefully today SubhanAllah.

2015 has been nice to me, in fact I found the strongest me in 2015. I cried, I whined and wailed my heart out, I lost myself, I was depressed , I always feel lonely, I got sick, I got sick of myself for always getting sick, I got tired with my study, I got tired remembering things for the sake of exam, I doubted myself, I did feel wrong and I did feel like giving up. Yes I did!

Sometimes, even the strongest has a fear of being the strongest. Why? Because people eventually stop taking care of them, because people stop asking if they are okay, people stop asking if they need anything, and people start to forget that they are also human, a weak mankind!

There was this time when I'm unable to wake up from bed due to my killing-migraine, my attendance was bad for about 3 weeks.
There was this time when things that I have forgotten for about more than a year, came back and broke my heart, destroying every pieces of me.
There was this time I shut myself off from everyone, I cried with all my heart.
There was this time I got confused with my heart and always blamed myself.

But I am still here..still on my path to become a great doctor InsyaAllah, to give more to ummah InsyaAllah. And I'm still here..still the strong Zalikha...because, I always have Allah :')

His love are incomparable MasyaAllah ;') He protected me, He guided me, He showed me the way and He's always near. He gave me such supporting mum and dad, sibling, He sent me greats friends, He placed me among the religious and scholars, He gave me the opportunity to ask a lot of doubts in me and answered me in the best ways MasyaAllah..

He made me believe that "I can change things I see by changing the way I see things"

So, let us turn all negativity into positivity. Surround yourself with positive vibes, try to see things from different perspective, think first before you act, afterall Allah wont test if you can't bear it :) Smile always and trust me, you'll find your life happier and brighter InsyaAllah.

Have a great new year, aim high, give more, expect less and love yourself more!
Salam.. :D

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