Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Dear one specific friend,

It has been 9 years..

Image result for dice cakeFor a flawed me to have a friend like you, Alhamdulillah it has been a bless :) We may not talk that much, we may not see each other anymore, we may not even contact each other that frequent, but only Allah knows how much I treasure the friendship that we had. And I really hope I can do more for you..but distance drifted us apart, new friends coming in, more responsibilities on our shoulders. And I accepted the fact that we have limits and boundaries to be taken care of. Now we're both grown ups. So, dear you..despite we are no longer as close as how we used to, I never forget you in my prayers, I never forget the days when we had each other, I never forget when crying was my only solution and you were there without hesitation, I never forget when it was you who trusted me and supported me that I can be a great leader, I never forget the smiles you carved on your face just to make me happy and the laughter we shared together. We hit rock bottom when we had other people and commitments, we stopped talking, we lost trust with each other but SubhanAllah, Allah brought us back together because I know I wouldn't find anyone else just like you.

Happy 23rd birthday, may Allah bless you with abundance of love and kindness.
Thank you for making me the best friend of yours, thank you for everything.

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