Friday, January 13, 2017


I am tired of being strong😔

Currently, temp 37.5⁰C, runny nose, killing headache and worst, homesick.
This usually wouldn't come out from a so called positive strong Zalikha, but I am letting out the grief I held in me. Usually at this kind of time, mum would be by my side, taking care of every single thing I need, just to ensure I'm not in pain and at ease. Yes, I'm already used to taking care of myself since 18, I'm used to stay by my own. I get sick always. When would it ever be that I'm actually well pun kan.. And because of that, I hate to burden everyone around just because of my uncertain health. And I actually dislike the nagging that comes along with the care. Being sick is not my choice, do you really think I want to be this fragile? Allahu.. All I need right now is just mum's warm hug, soft brush on my head telling me that everything is gonna be alright InsyaAllah..

Allah, please make me strong..😢

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