Wednesday, January 4, 2017

That night

She couldn't sleep well last night.

And all she had been thinking about She missed you a lot that she couldn't find a way to convey it to you. So much that she couldn't think how it would be if it's not you? How would she feels if you're gone? And all those worries played in her mind all night long.. at one point she wished she had the courage to call you last night, she begged herself so many times, to tell you how much she missed you, how much she wished to be right by your side and how scared she is to lose you.

Tired of rolling from side to side, she woke up, performed her ablution to face The One and The Almighty, to ease her worries. She cried in her prayer, confessing her longing for you, knowing that it's only Him who could ease her and grand her the tranquility she's looking for. She then fall asleep while her fingers wiping off the tears that wouldn't stop flowing from her eyes.

That night she realised, she never expect that she would and she will miss and long for a person that much, and that person is you..

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