Sunday, December 18, 2016

Less than three

To fall in love is one thing.
To be in love is another thing.

You may fall for anyone around you, anyone who catches your eyes, anyone who's humorous and always make you laugh, anyone who looks stunning, anyone who's always there for you whenever you're sad or in need. It can be anyone with any reason.

But to be in love is not merely a feeling. It's a decision. Of all people whom you fall in love with, you decided to be in love with that one specific person. Only that one person. And what makes it weirder, you have no reason. No reason why did you choose that person. You realised that there are far better, fascinating, cooler, awesome, kind people you name it, compared to this person. But no matter how much you ask yourself and in whatever angle you're seeing that person as, that person just won your heart.

When you fall in love, things become sweet. Phone calls, morning wishes and midnight goodbyes, you anticipate the day to meet that person. You don't really have to do anything, you just embrace the feeling and the sweetness that overwhelm it. The thing is, over time..those sweetness may fade. Phone calls may annoys, small mistakes bring up huge fights, you may stop taking care and it no longer excite you to be with that person. This is the cycle in EVERY relationships, you really can't avoid it. Worst, you feel like to start new with other people. This is when the relationship fails and breaks.

The key of a great relationship is not finding the right person, it is learning how to love the person that you found. You may love to be embraced verbally, but it doesn't mean the other half appreciate it the same way too. However, you know you are in love when you accepted the differences and preferences and use it to show your loves. You learn how to make the other person happy, you enjoy their cup of tea. You participate their favor with pleasure. You look for ways and more reasons to stay in love with that person, to sustain the feelings that linked your hearts together. There'll be ups and downs, but you put your best efforts days and nights, to make the relationship works. Day by day, you'll see more imperfections and flaws in that person, but that doesn't stop you. All you ever want is, to always be with that person.

Now listen here. If you found the person who makes you work so hard for the relationship, never let them go. Never take them for granted. Trust me, no one else could love you the way the person have been loving you, no want would ever try hard as much as that person have been fighting to always stay with you. And to have someone who loves you unconditionally, it's a bless and the best gift MasyaAllah. Yes there are better people around you, so do they. But of all people, they choose you. They decided to be in love with you. See, love is a decision.

People will come and go into your life.
But it is up to you to decide who you let to walk away, who you let to stay, and who you refuse to let go :)

Awak, sabar tau.. *^^*
Salam ;)

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