Friday, September 2, 2016

Mum knows everything

I shared everything with my mum, from what I am eating today, to what makes me sad or what colour is my tudung, all my crushes (wow plural kot XD) , everything. I even tell her how much I want to get married, to what type of guy I am looking for, my dream house, and what I planned for my honeymoon InsyaAllah hahaha.. but most of the time, things are spoken only as a joke, just for us to laugh and build our imagination together haha..

But today, I had the most serious 'lecture' from her. Usually we talked like a friend, but was so different. She made me realised things that I didn't see, she made me ponder back everything that I've done, and she made me think about life and marriage in farrrrrrr moreeee serious way. And most importantly, she made me realised that I am supposed to view life seriously. I am an adult huhu.. Allahuakbar, she almost made me cry :'(

To love you have to trust. I told her, I actually has forgotten how it is to love somebody, I forgot how should we show it, how does it feels like to be in love and how afraid I am to start loving someone again. I didn't plan to tell her but things just got spilled out of my mouth before I can shut it up. And she comforted me in the way that I've never imagine SubhanAllah.. Mum really knows everything, right? ;')

I really wonder, is it the time already? Should I? Will I be fine?
Allahurabbi, guide me all the way Aminn

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